FinAct’s Accounts payable are money owed to vendors and suppliers that result in cash outflows. Meanwhile, accounts receivable are money you receive from selling goods and services that lead to revenue. To measure the profitability of your business, determine the total of your assets and accounts receivable.

Invoicing accounts payable or receivable

The accounts payable balance includes all invoices owed to vendors or suppliers for goods or services.

Invoicing Accounts

Key features of FinAct Accounts Payable & Receivable Management Software

Search and view Invoices for a selected period

Users can search and view all invoices for the selected period including paid and unpaid invoices.

Search And View Invoices
Filter Payment

Filter payments by date range

Our software allows users to filter all listed fees by date range.

Search payments

Allows users to perform payment searches based on account number, invoice number, and receipt number.

Search Payments