FinAct’s Food and Beverage industry Software

We are a leading provider of food and beverage industry accounting software. We provide high quality customized software at affordable prices. Our software is a scalable and robust business management system for stores, dealers and distributors; It is the most suitable software to automate your small, medium and large scale business. Manage your purchases, sales, inventory, stock, billing, daily issue/receipt and accounting in a single window.

Stock Management


Manage stock/inventories in the most appropriate manner. Adjust stocks against balance and change below minimum level reminders.

Daily Report

An accounting statement is a financial statement filed by a company to show its past and current financial position. With this report, businesses and financial analysts can more easily predict their financial situation in the future.

Daily Report
Barcode Management

Barcode Management

Barcode enable store. We help you manage all product information in barcode/QR code, making it easy to quickly track products to the responsible store.

Stop wastage/Expire

Keep the track of expire data timely return to supplier before the product expires. Prevent expiry of products by early identification.

Stop Wastage Expire