Best accounting software for your Retail Business

FinAct automated accounting software for retail users allows them to focus on their business with detailed tracking of inventory management, sales, and customer knowledge. FinAct for Retailers is the best solution to keep everything under control from business operations to customer satisfaction.

Pricing is a very complex area of ​​any business, be it volume discounts, promotional discounts or any other expenses. Our business accounting software will manage all costs of your business with amazing efficiency and flexibility.

Advance Pricing Feature
Our Accounting System

Our software will give you a seamless and hassle-free experience when it comes to your accounting business. Now, manage your accounting systems within our FinACT solutions.

As your business is likely to grow and scale, managing communications and customer relationships with us will become a new task to follow. With FinAct, the user can handle two or more accounts simultaneously, resulting in greater efficiency.

Manage Multiple Businesses
Real Time Financial Insight

With FinAct’s integrated accounting, all of your inventory and sales data instantly feed into your accounting – so you have an overview of your business activity in real-time.