Finact accounting software enhances productivity and accuracy in various industries.

Accounting software is a class of computer programs that enable you to manage your business’s financial transactions. FinAct offers many features to improve your business. From basic invoicing and billing Tax and VAT calculations and project management, accounting software is an essential tool for your business’s financial data. It helps you manage customers, reconcile bank accounts, and generate insightful financial reports that help your business grow steadily and consistently.


Secure Data Storage

FinAct accounting software offers secure data storage. This helps to ensure that your financial data is stored in a secure and protected environment. And FinAct cloud-based software can help to keep your data safe and secure.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is one of the most important security measures for your accounting software. It prevents unauthorized access by encrypting your financial data. And ensures that only authorized users can access it.


Expense tracking

Accounting software helps track your expenses and categorize them to get a clear picture of where your money is going. You can use accounting software to upload expense receipts, scan them, and automatically record information from scanned receipts. This eliminates the need to store paper receipts and the risk of losing them.

Tax compliance

FinAct is designed to comply with your local tax regulations & simplify taxes. When you have to work with multiple tax rates, our software can quickly calculate taxes & help you more accurately apply the correct tax to your transactions. It also gives you a better understanding of your taxes by generating tax summary reports.


Report generation

FinAct reports help you understand your business’s financial trends & analyze growth patterns. However, creating reports in spreadsheets is more demanding because you must aggregate data & manually enter formulas to create each report. Accounting software automatically generates reports, saving you time & effort.