Budget Management

Budget Management is the perfect solution for financial software for managing your finances. You can organize your expenses and do financial planning to manage the business and develop the business. Charts and graphs are easy to understand and help you visualize how you’re spending your money month by month.

It helps you track expenses and find out how you manage your money. It also provides an analysis of which department is spending more than the allocated budget or which department is always spending more than the sanctioned budget.


FinAct Budget Management Highlights

  • FinAct accounting software helps businesses more efficiently record, manage, analyze, and report their finances.
  • Our accounting features include recording and classifying transactions, managing the general ledger and chart of accounts, and preparing financial statements and other financial reports.
  • Includes real-time analytics, billing and invoicing automation, budgeting and forecasting, asset tracking and project accounting.

Increased efficiency

Accounting software increases operational efficiency by automating day-to-day financial tasks such as entering transactions, creating invoices and paying bills. So companies can use a single package to manage their entire business.

Increased Efficiency


FinAct software helps companies support business growth. Cloud-based accounting software helps growing companies expand efficiently by easily adding functions and users without purchasing expensive new hardware or installing on-site software.

Real-time, companywide visibility & collaboration.

Managers & team can have instant visibility into financial data such as payments, account balances, & sales. Customizable reports, & other analytical tools allow managers to quickly assess an organization’s strengths & any issues that need to be addressed.

Real Time, Companywide Visibility And Collaboration

Improved accuracy

FinAct Accounting software automates data entry and other accounting tasks, greatly reducing the potential for human error. Storing all financial information in one system eliminates error-prone duplication