Accounting Software Interfaces-Integrations

FinAct integration is the process of connecting one software application to another, typically through their application programming interfaces (APIs). Once connected, apps can share data and provide updates to each other in or near real-time. Our accounting software integration is the perfect solution for all your financial needs. You can easily import checks, allowing you to write or save them in draft before sending them!

Our Integrated Accounting System is a type of software that combines key financial accounting functions into one application. Changing multiple separate systems or programs eliminates the need for separate books or records for sorting, costing, and other management accounting purposes.

The accounting interface creates files that can be automatically imported into the general ledger of your accounting application of choice. All sections of discounts, taxes, payments and inventory types are linked directly to the appropriate accounts in your accounting application

Accounting software integrations every business needs

Our FinAct accounting software integration and interface solution will help you increase efficiency across your organization and get the most out of your new technology investment. Seamless integrations between our accounting systems save time, eliminate errors, increase productivity, and easily generate insights that help your company grow. FinAct is the best accounting software integration for every small and medium business.

Features of accounting integrations

Eliminate manual data entry

Provides real-time Visibility

Automatically update data

Customize your export

Reduce Data Entry

Improve Data Aggregation

Establish Automated Workflow

Easily import and sync transactions

Benefits of API integration



API integration allows businesses to grow as there is no need to start from scratch when building connected systems and applications.

Reduces Errors

API integration allows the exchange of complex and large data with reduced errors and omissions.
Reduces Errors
Establish Automated Workflow


API integration allows for automatic handling of information and data from one application to the next. Successful automation eliminates the manual (human) component, which saves time and dramatically reduces errors.

Streamlined Visibility/Communication/Reporting

API integration allows end-to-end visibility of all systems and processes for improved communication and reporting. With a streamlined approach, you can effectively monitor and track data, thereby generating robust reports based on specific and detailed datasets.
Customize Your Export