Keep track of your stocks in real-time with FinAct
inventory management software

FinAct inventory management systems provide companies with accurate inventory data so the business owner can keep up-to-date information for their inventory management program.

FinAct’s inventory management system helps you track stock at every stage by tracking the movement of inventory from the shelf. Our system helps you track sales, purchases, inventory valuation, and stock levels for small businesses.

Monitor Your Inventory Easily
Capture Complete Product Details

Organize your inventory with important information including product images, vendor details, costs and inventory.

Create a personalized price list and present it to your preferred vendors and customers.

Customized Rates
Out Of Stock

Track your items from the moment they are created. Enabling inventory tracking helps you always keep tabs on your stock levels.

Managing finances and inventory through a single system offers many benefits to your organization

  • A sophisticated, full-view of inventory management with our built-in financial analysis software.
  • An integrated inventory process that communicates with data bases and supply chain partners.
  • Support for any business owners offering greater accuracy and consistency.
  • Efficiency and cost reduction in the sales and ordering process.