FinAct’s Nonprofits rely on accounting software to help manage their finances and operations. Our accounting software for nonprofit organizations provides a way to track financial transactions and keep track of donations, grants, and expenses. It can also help with tracking donations, managing expenses, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and more.

Benefits of Nonprofit Accounting Software

FinAct’s Nonprofit best accounting software for nonprofits can provide a variety of benefits:

Improved efficiency and accuracy

Better financial management

Greater transparency and compliance

Better budgeting and forecasting

Improved donor relations

Better Budgeting And Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting

Our Nonprofit accounting software (budget forecast) system can help with budgeting and forecasting. It can help organizations track their spending and income, as well as create detailed budget plans. planning budgeting and forecasting can help organizations evaluate their financial performance and make better decisions about how to allocate their resources.

Donor Management

Nonprofit accounting Systems can also help with Donor management software. Donor management software for small nonprofits can make it easier to track donations and grants, as well as manage donor relationships. This can help organizations ensure that their donations are being used appropriately and that donors are being treated properly.

Donor Management


FinAct’s Nonprofit accounting software can also help with reporting. It can provide real-time financial data that can be used to make informed decisions. This can help organizations better understand their finances and operations, as well as ensure accuracy and compliance.

Small Businesses

As a small business, you get as much work done as you can, wherever you are. With FinAct accounting software, you can manage your finances from anywhere. Create professional-looking estimates and invoices while onsite, and run your expense report from your home at the end of the day. Stay in sync with your finances wherever you are on your desktop or mobile with FinAct. Use any device you want to track & access your latest financial data. Take photos to upload receipts and respond to customers and vendors directly through our software.

Best online accounting software is essential for small businesses. It can help you track expenses and income, manage payroll, and more.
Running a small business requires a lot of work, one of the most important aspects of any successful business is accurate accounting. online accounting for small businesses can help manage the books and save time, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of the business. Here,

FinAct’s simplifies small business accounting

Time Saving Automation

Time-saving automation

FinAct cuts down on tedious data entry with its built-in automation. Save time and effort, manage your workflows, and reduce the need for manual intervention.

Multi-user collaboration

Engage efficiently with your workforce regardless of location, give users unique role-based access, and work together more effectively. Securely share critical reporting data with other critical stakeholders.

Multi User Collaboration
Auto Bills


FinAct accounting software allows you to set up a billing schedule to automatically (and securely) charge your customer’s credit card in seconds.


Tax Preparation:

Our financial software can help you prepare your taxes by providing accurate data.


FinAct’s tax accounting software can help you create and send invoices quickly and easily.


Accounting software can help you manage accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more.

Payroll Management:

FinAct’s software can help you manage payroll, calculate taxes, and more.


Our quickbooks accounting software can help you track and analyze business performance.


FinAct is an accounting software for healthcare companies that helps record all business transactions. The software eliminates the manual labor of typing the details of each healthcare item while creating an invoice. FinAct software allows you to customize features and include all the features your healthcare system offers.

Any employee in your healthcare organization can use our accounting software to generate bills for your customers. FinAct accounting software provides a unique experience to your customer and helps reduce waiting time at the sales counter.

Billing and Claims Management

Healthcare organizations use accounting software to manage their billing and insurance claims. medical accounting software can help track patient information, generate invoices, and submit claims to insurance providers. It can also help manage payments and collections.
Biling And Claims Mangement
Business Management

Business management:

Manage your healthcare organization from anywhere using our accounting software.The FinAct software helps you track available inventory and order your next purchase as per your needs. Using financial reports, you can track which products are working well in your region to get all the important ingredients for your local customers.

Better expiry management

A collection of soon-to-be-expired medicines can be easily identified. By having FinAct accounting software, you can stay informed about the medication approaching its expiration date.

Better Expiry Management
GST Compliant Billing

GST compliant billing

Using FinAct accounting software, businesses can generate GST-compliant invoices in seconds. Your business can easily file taxes by adding taxes to financial statements with one click.

Seamless user-interface

Our software has developed its user interface to cater to the mother of healthcare companies. Anyone working in healthcare organizations can use the software to create a bill and manage inventory seamlessly.

Seamless User Interface