Find the best Manufacturing Accounting Systems

FinAct is the best accounting software for manufacturing and wholesale. Our powerful accounting software helps manufacturers and wholesalers spend less time on accounting and more time on the most important aspects of their business operations.

It helps automate important tasks like invoicing, payment collection and bank reconciliation. It also offers other features that help manufacturers grow or expand their businesses.

  • Accelerate: Fast and accurate closing processes.
  • Control: Real-time and compliant accounting and reporting.
  • Streamline: Less errors with consolidated financials.

  • Grow: More time and resources to focus on development.


Built for Manufacturers:

Manage procurement, plan production, and streamline discrete manufacturing processes on a single, integrated platform.

Global Accounting software:

FinAct’s multi-language, multi-currency capabilities support your processes and global supply chain wherever they operate.


FinAct provides the power and agility to support and adapt your right processes as they change over time.