FinAct’s Corporate Accounting software.

Corporate accounting and its practices help focus on financial activities and reporting.

FinAct involves systematic recording, analysis and reporting of financial transactions and information. Ultimately, our software provides an accurate and comprehensive view of a company’s financial stability.

Corporate Accounting Software
Financial Statements

Preparing financial statements

FinAct corporate accounting software helps a company compile and prepare financial statements including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. They aggregate financial data from various sources and analyze transactions.

Maintaining general ledgers

General ledgers are the central repository for recording all financial transactions of the company. The FinAct corporate accounting system ensures that all financial records such as sales, expenses and asset acquisitions are accurately recorded and classified.

Maintaining General Ledger
Accounts Payables And Receivable

Accounts payables and receivables

Accountants check and record invoices check vendor reports and make payments. They oversee accounts receivable, track and record customer payments, reconcile customer accounts, and manage collections as needed.

Process payroll

Corporate accountants deal with employee salaries. They accurately calculate wages, deductions, and withholdings to ensure compliance with regulations. FinAct manages payroll-related taxes and ensures timely payments.

Process Payroll