Warehouse Management System

Easy Warehousing Solution at just Your Finger Clicks

Match, Store, and Dispatch – Managing the Warehouse was Never So Easy

A Warehouse Management System is the backbone of any business that requires an inventory management system. Managing Warehouse is not a small task as it is an ongoing process and requires complete attention to detail. Stocking and restocking items require a complicated approach with every single bit of information on the desk. FinAct Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a revolutionary approach to the problems that businesses have to encounter managing Warehouses. FinAct WMS tools help companies to decrease stock expenditures by 30%. The software maintains optimal inventory levels and does not allow forgetting about planned operations. You evaluate purchased, stored, and outgoing goods in an integrated platform.

Double Entry System

Optimize your Internal Operational Capability & have Complete Traceability Of your products


Know about all your stock, Keep a track on stock status. Know about the products which are out and Which are stocked in Warehouse

Easily Plan Your Tasks

Prepare and plan all your operations effectively without missing anything with scheduler

Automatic Replenishment

FinAct WMS is integrated with purchase module which lets you know when the stock is low and can generate automatic request for quotations.

Manage Stock Level

Have only desired Stock, Helps you avoid Over Stocking and will never let you go under Stock

Clear Reporting with Dashboard

Integrated with PayPal payment gateway. We support to integrating secure custom payment gateway and mobile SDK, We support multi currency.