Our Best Real Estate Accounting Software

FinAct’s Real estate accounting software helps in data analysis, performance monitoring, dashboard maintenance, & sales reporting. FinAct data can be used to calculate and distribute commission and report analysis for improvement in future projects.

Real Estate Accounting

FinAct for Real Estate

Real estate accounting software provides all the core capabilities such as report analysis, accounts receivable and payable, & bookkeeping. Along with them.

In case of damage to your property, you can manage inventory and materials needed for repairs through the software. Also, FinAct real estate accounting software allows you to send contracts and invoices to your clients directly.

Why do Real Estate businesses use FinAct?

Our FinAct accounting software allows real estate businesses to verify ongoing transactions, including open & closed checks. Our accounting system helps them generate GST/VAT reports instantly for filing taxes & balance sheets to analyze sales in a financial year.

Bank Accounts

Order Management

FinAct Order Management System is a software application that automates the entire process of managing orders. It allows you to manage your inventory, sales, and customer information in one place, so you can easily access this data anytime, anywhere.

Data Safety and Security

Our accounting software gives you 100% secure encryption so you don’t lose everything to some thief. No one can access your data without your permission.

Get paid anywhere

Using FinAct accounting software, you can create & send invoices. By sending these invoices to your customers using email and WhatsApp, you can get paid using digital payment methods.

Bank Accounts

Having multiple bank accounts to receive payments acts as a security measure for genuine assessments. However, this makes manual handling of accounts difficult. Using FinAct, you can calculate the data of all your bank accounts and cash transactions to get an accurate record of all trades.


Real estate accounting software helps manage the accounts of a business. Unlike conventional tally software, Our accounting system helps you manage accounts seamlessly at any time. Also, it is user-friendly, and even a non-accountant can understand and use the software.


Using FinAct, you can track all your active check payments. From open checks to closed checks and bounced checks, you can handle everything using the FinAct software. Our accounting application will help you manage it all effectively.

Track Cash Flow

Every real estate business generates revenue & pays commissions & salaries. All the income & expenses of the real estate business can be easily tracked using the FinAct software. A business accounting application can be used to monitor and manage cash flow in a business and make informed decisions.