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Transactions posting

Management > Transaction posting

To view and control the vouchers, go to the “Transaction Posting”, choose the dates to view the vouchers related to it, you can choose to view the approved or unapproved accounts.

To approve a voucher. Select it’s box from the “Select All” column, you will notice another box was selected as well, then click on new at the top, then save, a window with “saved” will appear, once it is approved you will not be able to edit it, the voucher will be moved to the approved vouchers, if you want to un-approve an approved voucher, you need to go to the approved voucher, click on the box in the select all column, click on new at the top and save, the approved record will be unapproved again.

If you right clicked on any row on the Transaction posting you will see the option print, you may print or reprint the vouchers.

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