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Chart of Accounts (COA)

Menu > Masters > Chart of Accounts

This a view of All the accounts with hierarchy from Parent to Entry level accounts.

We can view Current balances of all accounts.

we can export all accounts to excel by clicking on export button.

We can view of account level; max level is 4. on max level we will have Entry level accounts.

1,2,3 levels are Parent Groups


What is level of account?

Account level represents to position of account, like how many Parent Accounts are above of it.

If we are seeing an Entry level account that will be on 4th level, and it’s under three parent Groups

e.g. below is an example for understanding account levels of a bank account.

1st Assets, 2nd Current Assets, 3rd   Bank Accounts, then on 4th level Entry Level Bank Account exists.


     Functions from COA:

By right clinking on any account we can view transactions in that account. system will open Ledger of that account.

If you want to create a new account under a specific Parent group, right click on any Group level account and select option Create account, then system will open Account Creation form in a Popup window. There you should fill all the required fields for account creation. Parent Group will be automatically selected in form.

If you have any doubt in account creation, then read Account Creation Documentation.

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