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General ledger (statement of account)

Reports > General ledger

If you want to see the statement of accounts, you need to go to the General ledger, you can search the account and select the account, you can choose either one account or multiple accounts, you can also choose the dates of the vouchers, then there are the filters right underneath the dates, you can check the boxes according to your needs, if you want to see the approved vouchers only or only the PDC, you can choose the type & allocation tags etc, to see the report click on “Show Report”. To see the transactions in each voucher, click on the blue link in the “Voucher No” column.

from the right, “Reset” will reset/unselect all the boxes you choose,

This icon will export the report to an excel sheet, once the window comes up if you want a normal only the data in the report choose the “Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Data-only” option

Use the printer icon if you want to print the report.


Note that to search the report for any text, you can press on ctrl + F on your keybord. If you want to see combind statements of two accounts, choose two accounts or more from the list, click on “Show Report”, you should see a screen similar to this :

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